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Henry’s memory for his dreams was amazingly vivid. Perhaps because they were dreams, he could describe their sexuality as detachedly and as freely as if speaking of us as two characters in a book. Henry dreamt of what he couldn’t do in waking life — as we all do! Though some people may be shocked by his explicit language, especially when describing his lust for a young woman, I find beauty in his longings and yearnings. Henry often said that there was more truth in dreams than in reality. This makes me wonder if dreams weren’t the source of Henry Miller’s greatest works.

  • Pam was a trendsetter who loved adventure; and I loved Pam. She would often sneak books from her parents’ library and share them with me. One afternoon, Pam took a book out of her locker and handed it to me. "You've got to read this, but don't tell anybody!” she said. I looked at the title: Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer -- a book notorious for its candid sexuality. Happily, I tucked this sacred book into my gym bag and hurriedly walked home.
  • Reading passages full of emotions and sexuality I had never heard of, and certainly not experienced, was overwhelming. I knew what sex was, of course, and had experienced intense sexual feelings, even though I was still a virgin. Those same sexual feelings were heightened while reading erotic passages in Tropic of Cancer. I found myself masturbating three or four times during the night.
  • I told myself, "Brenda, it's now" -- a now so crowded with excitement, there was no room for doubt or retreat. There was something so extraordinary about the moment. Our knowing! As if we had planned to come together as one, or we had been together in a past life. It was all so natural, so perfect. A seamless surrender. As in a dream, he placed his long, hard body over mine. Skin on skin felt sublime. We touched every part of one another. I touched his sex, the strange but knowing novelty. It was beautiful, like the rest of him.
  • In one of my first conversations with Henry, he asked about my first sexual encounter and was it enjoyable?
  • I said, "Yes, it was wonderful." Then I told him about Joe.
  • He said, "Good, good. Hum... I like that, good for you."
  • Dreamers can exhaust us. He could have stopped dreaming, stopped fighting for our freedoms, lived a happier life; but he chose to continue opening our eyes to the world of truth. He died a celebrated man. All his life, he fought for freedom from fear, and by this and this alone, he was made free. He was, without a doubt, the freest man I’ve ever known. His tragedy was one of increasing loneliness, since most of his dear friends had died before him. The glory and memory of man will always belong to the ones who follow their great visions -- who were not afraid. Henry was not afraid.
  • Henry's voice in film, talks, and novels is unique, original, and irascible. Most importantly, it is the voice submerged in so many of us. He states publicly what we think secretly. Henry wrote prose which teaches us to listen to the soul, the soul in yourself. For him, a story of unconditional love for a woman is the ultimate liberation. He could pour into her all his generosity, insights, and speculations on life and death.

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"We were sexually compatible in every way and love only heightened the sex. Eroticism and pleasure combined into what felt like a religious experience."


"I had a dream last night. It was one of the most vivid and most thrilling of my long life. It was of us…You had on a black, very thin dress, and absolutely nothing beneath it."

... All Night...

"She took me from one place to the other and she made love to me under the table all night until I couldn't stand it anymore." Then she took me to her apartment and…"


"Miller reads the way a man who is starving eats. He would read in cafés, restaurants, subways, in bed, and whenever possible, while sitting on the john." ~ Lawrence Durrell


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