How To Be A Seductress

Never forget: you are a woman. You are a goddess. You are in control. Make your move! If you want a good man, picture him in your mind and nurture the same qualities you wish to attract.

Self-awareness, self-improvement, and self-esteem are your keys. Remember, you must first become that which you hope to find. It’s not about a season, fashion, or fad. It’s about real love!

Here are a few tips to get you started

Genuine confidence begins with knowing your own body and mind.

. Knowledge is your ultimate love power.

. Develop good communication skills both in and out of the bedroom.

. Listen more than you speak, unless talk is related to both of you. Your conversation should always be positive and sensual.

. Be relaxed and self-assured. Think good thoughts about yourself

. Know exactly what you’re doing and why. Learn your man’s mind, emotions, body, and sex organs.

. Appeal to all his senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound.

. Find the right lighting for the mood you want to set.

. Create a romantic atmosphere. Arrange furniture to suit your sexual expression.

. Make him feel comfortable and relaxed in your environment. Welcome him with his favorite beverages, snacks, and music.

. Show enthusiasm when he speaks; have a twinkle in your eye. Flirt. Have fun!

. Value cleanliness. Both you and your man should be able to lick, suck, probe, rub, squeeze, massage every square inch of one another without hygienic concerns or inhibitions.

. Go slow with all thoughts and actions. Be gentle and tender. Savor every moment. Tease.

. Kiss your man as though it were the first time every time.

. Learn the art of massage — of both body and mind.

. Listen to his body language and sounds. He will tell you all you need to know even if silently. Do what pleases you both.

. Explore. Be adventurous. Find the things that really turn him on. If he doesn’t like something you’re doing, move on. If he does, stay with it.

. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

. Relish every part of his body as though it were your “last supper.”

. Create your own fantasies and then live them.